25-Year Global Auto Care Parts Developer & Manufacturer

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MPS announced Chase A. Navarre was recently named Director of Engineering Strategy.  Chase is the newest member of MPS’ U.S.-based engineering team. The team develops and refines critical engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure MPS auto care parts continue to set the high bar for quality and innovation. A member of MPS’ leadership team, Chase is tasked with driving the strategic engineering and technology vision of the global auto care parts company.

Stephen C. Trance, MPS Vice President of Global Manufacturing commented, “Chase is a great addition to our vision team. I’m particularly excited to have her research and development expertise on our side. The work she’ll do streamlining our already solid processes equals speed to market.” MPS President Brian S. Cohn commented, “Engineering excellence is where we separate ourselves from so-called competition.  Chase increases our ability to remain ahead of industry innovation.” He continued, “Our pursuit of opportunity is about leading. Nowhere is this truth more essential than within our engineering team.”

Chase Navarre brings experience, a diverse automotive background, and a nearly 20-year track record of success with leading automakers Honda of America (“Honda”) and General Motors (“GM”). As an engineer in Honda Research and Development’s Auto Quality Innovation Division she conducted new technology testing for design and manufacturing integrity, as well as failure root cause analysis and countermeasure implementation. At General Motors she managed and contained all quality issues created by powertrain design, serving as the powertrain engineering representative for all new model builds.

Chase A. Navarre holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Machine Design from Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering and Management Institute).  She is a professional test engineer, quality engineer, project coordinator and machine designer. Passionate about all things automotive she is also an accomplished data engineer, race strategist and team manager who was recently profiled by CBS Films for her work in the male dominated world of racing. Chase noted, “I still enjoy a great pair of shoes as much as the next girl.”