Staff's Reaction Moves Owners

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Multi Parts recently instituted the Longevity Recognition Program for its growing roster of long-term employees. Multi Parts has always recognized employee longevity milestones with pay and in other ways related to compensation. Multi Parts Chairman Barry Cohn wanted to go further. “I wanted something instantly recognizable to say this is a long-term Multi Parts person. It says something about the person and hopefully, it says something about what we value.”

2015 marks the inaugural year of the Multi Parts Longevity Recognition Program and the ceremonial pinning. Friday, May 29th, Multi Parts’ teams in China, Europe, and the USA each gathered to honor the employees who received five, 10, 15 and 20-year lapel pins. Precious stones in the pins denote different tenures. Multi Parts President Brian Cohn commented, “I have received the nicest messages from members of our team, expressing thanks for our recognition of their commitment.” He continued, ”Seeing that they value this company and their respective roles as much as we value them is tremendously gratifying.”

Ironically, in Barry Cohn’s zeal to make certain every deserving employee was recognized, he neglected to “recognize” his own 30 plus years with the company. In a touching gesture, Barry’s son and Multi Parts’ President Brian Cohn, presented Barry with a special, one of a kind, lapel pin. It recognizes his vision and grit for starting Multi Parts under anything but ideal circumstances. “My dad’s start up capital was purely sweat equity. From the day I began with Multi Parts I have understood that ultimately, my work honors his legacy.”