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Multi Parts Supply has changed its name, shortening it to Multi Parts®. Coinciding with the name change is launch of the latest evolution of Multi Parts’ corporate website, 3.0.

Motivating this latest evolution in Multi Parts’ corporate identity was President Brian Cohn’s desire to remove any perceived limits placed on the company by the word “supply.” “We are not a distributor. To some, that’s what the word ‘supply’ implied.” Multi Parts occupies a unique space in the aftermarket auto care industry. The company has developed and owns an expanding line of highly engineered aftermarket auto parts, enabling customers to add new parts and products to existing lines, and to add completely new lines.

Additionally, Multi Parts has the dual capacity to provide customers concept to completion research, development, engineering and manufacturing of exclusive and proprietary custom parts and programs. Brian Cohn states, “The word ‘supply’ ran counter to the one-two punch of existing products and exclusive, custom products we offer full line co-manufacturers and their global brands. It did not do justice to our core competencies: R&D, engineering, manufacturing, product and program development.”

In 2012, Multi Parts underwent its first significant corporate rebrand, adopting its “roadway” logo and the expectation setting tagline: Opportunity. The Sum of Our Parts. Both have been retained as elements in the company’s visual identity and messaging. The brand essentials solidified during 2012’s full rebranding continue to illuminate Multi Parts’ key differentiators: culture, people, facilities, process, products, and quality.