Students and Veterans Intent on Aftermarket Careers

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Multi Parts today announced the SPARK2016 selectees. All selected students will attend the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (“AAPEX”) being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 1 – 3, 2016. This year’s selection process was hyper-focused on students who demonstrated interest in pursuing professional careers in the core business areas of the automotive aftermarket, including product development, marketing, sales, finance, entrepreneurship, information technology and human resources.

“Industry growth is predicated on recruiting and retaining these positions,” says Multi Parts President Brian Cohn. “This is especially important in our narrow corner of the automotive industry. We know that when students experience the aftermarket from the inside out, interest follows. There is no better place than AAPEX for aspiring aftermarket professionals to see the reality and potential of this industry and explore its near endless career opportunities.”

The brainchild of Multi Parts Chairman Barry Cohn, the SPARK Initiative has grown from just six participants in 2014’s inaugural year to 14 this year. A dynamic one-of-a-kind introduction to the aftermarket, the SPARK Initiative delivers SPARK2016 selectees specifically designed and developed programming at the AAPEX show, meet and greet opportunities with key industry leadership and in-show outings orchestrated and hosted by Multi Parts’ team members.  Among the various activities planned for this year, the Luminary Lunch promises to include some of the biggest names in the aftermarket.

“Each year that we are able to connect more talented young people to the industry icons in manufacturing, distribution and the associations, is a win for the aftermarket,” comments Barry Cohn.  “When they see our industry presented on full display at AAPEX, they really get it and want to be a part of it. That’s the power of SPARK.”

Among this year’s selectees are present and former Global Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship recipients and U.S. Military Veterans and members. All SPARK2016 participants will wear Multi Parts’ shirts adorned with the U.S. flag, veterans and members of the U.S. Armed Forces will also have their branch of service embroidered on the sleeve.

SPARK2016 Selectees

Melina Amico
Northwood University

Charles Bennett
Florida Atlantic University College of Engineering & Computer Science

Rachel Berbert
Chipola College

Austin Beyer
Northwood University

John Coolidge
Indiana University Bloomington

Alesandra D’Agostino
Northwood University

Antonio De La Torre
Northwest Nazarene University

Katherine Dooley
Northwood University

Ryan Hower
Palm Beach State College

Garrett Meyer
Boise State University

Brooke Peckham
Grand Rapids Community College

Jordan Renkas
Northwood University

Marcus Santillana
Irvine Valley College

Adam Wolfe
Southern Illinois University—Carbondale