Jeff Stankard Named Vice President of Global Business Development

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Multi Parts today announced, Jeff Stankard has been named Vice President of Global Business Development. Since 2014, Jeff has supported and developed Multi Parts’ existing and new customer relationships in the United States and Canada. With the addition of his global responsibilities, Jeff now also engages and develops co-man opportunities in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Stankard will work closely with Multi Parts teams in Europe and China to leverage the strong relationships created with current customers to provide seamless growth in new markets.

Multi Parts President Brian Cohn commented, “Irrespective of the market, we benefit clients by augmenting their product lines with our existing product portfolio, and by developing original concepts via custom program development.” He continued, “Our knowledge of the evolving technology in vehicles, matched with our growing ability to identify applications in each market, makes Multi Parts a more valuable resource for existing and new customers.”

Multi Parts’ company culture leverages people, process and facilities. From its purpose-built laboratories and facilities in the USA and abroad, Multi Parts provides customers concept to completion research, development, engineering and manufacturing of exclusive and proprietary custom parts and programs. “We are aware that there are a great many companies around the world who can and should utilize Multi Parts,” Cohn said. “Jeff is the point person coordinating our worldwide resources and making certain that we are best positioned to serve their needs.”